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InTENSity, IF/TENS Combo Unit - Portable

InTENSity, IF/TENS Combo Unit - Portable

The InTENSity™ IF Combo combines Tens and Interferential to give you the best chance of treating patients that may need something stronger than a Tens unit. The IF Combo has 4 modes of Tens and 4 modes of Interferential. The InTENSityTM IF Combo is 105mA strong and comes standard with an AC Adapter. Wave Form: Tens - Monophasic Square, Interferential - Biphasic Square Pulse Rate: Tens - 1-150 Hz, Interferential - 4kHz Pulse Width: Tens - 50-300us, Interferential - 125us, phase duration: 250us Output Voltage: Tens - Constant Current, Interferential - Constant Current Current: Tens - 0-105mA, Interferential - 0-105mA•Modes: Tens - 4, Interferential - 4• Timer: Tens - 1-60 Constant, Interferential - 1-60 Constant, Interferential Freq: 1-150 beats

Hill IFC™ Interferential Unit

Hill IFC™ Interferential Unit

Four Channel Multi-Waveform Electro-Therapy Unit The Hill IFC is a state-of-the-art interferential therapy device cleared by the FDA for mult-waveform, multiple channel use. Both outputs can be programmed to Start/Stop independently. The clinician can provide two different treatments simultaneously through the two outputs. The Hill IFC features easy-to-use, precise controls and a durable, professional design. Hill IFC also features a compact footprint and a sturdy but lightweight construction for easy transport around the clinic. 

Hill IFC is a microcomputer controlled digital device featuring selectable modes: Interferential, with 5 preset programs P01-P05 (as Acute pain, Chronic pain, Edema 1, Edema 2 & Nerve Block) Premod Russian Galvanic (D.C. and Interrupted) TENS (Conventional, Burst, and Modulation) Hill IFC Includes: Electro-Therapy Unit Stimulation Wires 5 Packs of Dual Sided Electrodes (2” x 2” square) 5 Packs of Hill Electrodes (2” x 2” square)

Intelect High-Volt Unit

Intelect High-Volt Unit
$41.50 to $625.95

Intelect D-HVP High Volt Portable Stimulator

* Single Channel
* Accurate one-touch digital programming access
* 20 custom and standard presets
* Unique pause feature
* Ergonomic case design

Item 79977 - High Volt Probe Kit --which includes High Volt Probe and two Sponge Covered Applicator Tips (15 and 8 mm)

Item 73636 - Lead Wire Set for DHVP 7570

Twin Stim TENS/EMS Combo

Twin Stim TENS/EMS Combo

Our most popular digital electrotherapy unit. The Twin Stim 2nd edition is an exact combination of our TENS 7000 and EMS 7500, which gives the user the choice of 5 modes of TENS and 2 Modes of EMS. 

This is the unit that the consumer will buy if given the choice! Twin Stim®'s features include, Dual Channel, 7 modes, Timer, Patient Compliance Meter, New Stronger 100mA output, safety amplitude cover, sturdy metal belt clip, rubber side railings for maximum handling.

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