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Chattanooga ADP 400 Traction Table

Chattanooga ADP 400 Traction Table

Standard Features:

  • Four sections
  • Friction free gliding lumbar section (4")
  • Turret mounted traction pedestal
  • Head and foot sections incline up to 90 degrees
  • Head section lowers to 25 degrees
  • Standard hand control

Table Options:

  • Switch
  • Hand Switch or Foot Switch
  • Retractable 3rd (front) Casters 


  • Dimensions: 77"L x 27"W x 41 1/2"H
  • Weight: 140 lbs - Shipping weight 200 lbs
  • 400 lbs (181 kg) lifting capacity
  • Adjustable height range between 21.5" to 41.5" (55cm to 105cm)
  • Standard hand control
  • Optional foot control
  • Optional retractable caster
  • 1 year warranty

Shown with model TX Traction Unit (sold separately)

Chattanooga Color Swatches

Note: Colors will vary with different monitors.

Standard Colors
Imerial Blue Black Mocha Burgundy  

DX2 Traction Unit

DX2 Traction Unit

Two Machines in One - In addition to delivering Decompression Therapy, the Dynatron DX2 features 3-channels of Light Therapy, setting the new standard for Decompression systems. The Dynatron DX2 automatically calculates and digitally displays the rope angle allowing for Targeted Decompression. The DX2′s interactive touch-screen display facilitates patient education and makes treatment set-ups fast and easy. 

Light Pad sold separately.

Over the door Cervical Traction Kit

Over the door Cervical Traction Kit

Fits over any door and requires no installation. Bracket attached to the outrigger allows easy door-top mounting. Includes outrigger, door-top mount bracket, deluxe padded head halter, 20-pound water weight bag, spreader bar, and two pulleys.

Posture Pump Cervical Traction

Posture Pump Cervical Traction

Posture Pump® Cervical Disc Hydrator® (Model 1000) gets to the cause of neck stiffness & discomfort fast Patented up & down motion promotes disc lubrication & joint nutrition Dramatically reinforces the cervical curve Lightweight, portable, easy to operate & travel with Beautifully crafted, made in the USA and built to last Used in over 500,000 cases worldwide.

Posture Pump Lumbar Traction

Posture Pump Lumbar Traction

Deluxe Full Spine Posture Pump® (Model 4100), combines both Neck & Back Exercisers into one. 

Leatherette comfort pad attaches both exercisers and conveniently folds and locks together for easy travel Leatherette comfort pad is designed to stretch and fit all body types A must have for sufferers of Neck and Back stiffness and discomfort

Quantum 400 IST Table

Quantum 400 IST Table

The Quantum 400 Intersegmental Traction table is a simple and easy to use table with vibration and optional heat. It features ultra smooth nylon massage rollers that can be set to rotate either counter- clockwise or clockwise. The new remote control system shows treatment time, adjusts tracking of the rollers, adjusts the roller height and also is used as a patient remote stop button. Comes standard with a gel neck roll, knee bolster pillow and protective cover for foot area. 

Optional face slot, heat, and patient assist bar. Call for pricing and accessory addition pricing. 

CHOOSE COLOR - Call to order

TX900 Traction Head

TX900 Traction Head

The TX900+ provides accurate traction setups for the following four modes: Static, Intermittent, Harmonic, and Stepless Progressive. Operated by Tactile buttons and knob controls the TX900 can be set in pounds, kilograms or newtons that can be adjusted at any time during therapy. Produces a maximum traction force of 200 pounds. Comes with adjustable traction speed and timer. Comes with Traction System, hand screws and remote stop. Conversion kit, belts and accessories optional.
IMPORTANT: Traction Therapy must be prescribed by a licensed practitioner following an appropriate physical examination and diagnostic analysis. The Dynatron 900+ Traction system is intended for medical purposes for use in conjunction with traction accessories such as belts and harnesses to exert therapeutic pulling forces on the patient?s body primarily for the cervical and lumbar areas.

Hill Anatomotor Roller Massage Table with optional Lumbar Traction, Cervical Traction and Variable Speed

Hill Anatomotor Roller Massage Table with optional Lumbar Traction, Cervical Traction and Variable Speed

CALL FOR A QUOTE: 801-282-3697

The Anatomotor has been a trusted leader among traction-massage treatment tables for nearly 60 years. Amazingly versatile, the Anatomotor is designed for soft-tissue massage, intermittent and constant traction, heat and vibration. The Anatomotor has a moving top on which the patient glides back and forth just under the normal respiration rate. Two sets of adjustable-height massage rollers straddle the spine and rhythmically loosen taut muscles. This deep-kneading massage effectively prepares the patient for traction which actually separates the spinal vertebrae. With the Hill Traction Control Unit, traction is created as the gliding top pulls against the controlled resistance of the traction unit. Traction force is regulated between 0 and 200 pounds and can be applied in several different forms from cervical (with the Hill Cervical Device / no pressure on the chin) to full lumbar-sacral traction using the traction harnesses. 

Therapists may treat with constant or intermittent traction. The Anatomotor is also ideal for applying passive range of motion to arms, shoulders and legs. Available with optional heat, vibration and unique leg rollers which massage the calves and thighs to relax muscles and increase circulation. Base Anatomotor Standard Features Semi-pneumatic back rollers Leg rollers and rubber foot pad Timer, filler block, top pad and two-section pillow Fixed Height from 22" to 32" / Width 21" Choice of 20 vinyl colors One-year warranty on all parts (Dealer on-site labor warranty may vary) 

STARTS AT $2095.00 Complete Traction Package - $4895 

CALL FOR A QUOTE 801-282-3697

Saunders Cervical Traction - Clinical Model

Saunders Cervical Traction - Clinical Model

SAUNDERS CERV. TRACTION SYS *SEE SPECS* Assists in performing horizontal cervical traction without pulling on the patient′s jaw. Includes your choice of clevis. Call for more information.

Traction Accessories (Halters/Restraints)

Traction Accessories (Halters/Restraints)
$9.95 to $158.95

TRACTION HALTERS BELTS AND RESTRAINTS For cervical, pelvic, and lumbar applications. These traction accessories are durable, easy to use, and economical. One size fits most.

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