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IontoPatch STAT - 4 hour patch

IontoPatch STAT - 4 hour patch

Self-contained battery produces an electric current to carry drug molecules non-invasively across skin and to underlying tissue No need for external power source Drug delivery is shut off automatically when the prescribed dosage has been administered Patients are able to return to their daily activities while wearing the patch and receiving time-released iontophoresis.
Single use and disposable IontoPatchSTAT with 6 patches and 6 saline vials per pack

Trivarion Iontophoresis Electrodes

Trivarion Iontophoresis Electrodes
$79.95 to $79.95

Trivarion’s unique design makes it the most conforming delivery electrode available Intended for the administration of soluble salts into the body for therapeutic purposes and as an alternative to hypodermic injections Deliver ions with a precise pH balance up to 80 mA/min Trivarion drug delivery electrodes are compatible with FDA cleared constant current iontophoresis devices Unique shape is able to more effectively deliver treatment for a number of anatomical sites Including: Elbow, Achilles tendon, Carpal tunnel, Shoulders, knees, fingers and knuckles.
ADVANTAGES Maximum strength, precise buffering with new Carbon-Ag/AgCl technology Large ground electrode surface area lowers sensation and increased comfort Highly absorbent drug matrix – no messy hydrogel.
Large surface adhesion area Medium, (2.0 cc), 12/Box in all sizes.

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