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The McKenzie REPEX™ Table by Hill Laboratories

The McKenzie REPEX™ Table by Hill Laboratories

Robin McKenzie and Howard Hill have collaborated to produce the REPEX™ Therapy Table. Treating with the REPEX™ is based on the patient’s directional movement preference and provides measurable and positive outcomes particularly in the management of acute/chronic low back and leg pain patients. 

The REPEX™ takes the patient through repetitive end-range passive-range-of-motion movements of flexion and/or extension. The exclusive design of the REPEX™ was developed by Robin McKenzie to address mechanical disorders of the low back using the McKenzie Technique. The REPEX™ is equiped with a 6 inch modern touchscreen display and control which allows you to enter exact angle depth, hold time, cycles and treatment time. Once programed, the table automatically and passively exercises the patient's lower back to its full available end range. 

REPEX™ Standard Features Variable Cycle Speed, 1-8 Cycles per minute Modern Touch Screen Controls Exact Measurable Movement On-the-Fly changes to angle, speed and hold-time Sliding Face and Lower Sections for comfort during motion Movement: Just Flexion; Just Extension or both in one cycle Angle: Flexion and Extension controlled independently by doctor Arm Rests Slide-Out Foot Section Width 27" / Height 24", 26" or 29 1/2" available Choice of 20 vinyl colors for the top Beige, gray or black acrylic thermo-plastic base One-year warranty on all parts 

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