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Intelect Legend Ultrasound Applicators  

Intelect Legend Ultrasound Applicators
$367.71 to $367.71

Intelect Legend Ultrasound Applicator Heads

The Intelect Legend Ultrasound Applicator Heads are designed to work with the Intelect Legend Ultrasound and Intelect Legend Combo therapy systems. These durable, waterproof sonic transducers are used to effectively apply ultrasonic therapy for the treatment of both chronic and acute pain. Ergonomically designed for a variety of applications, and available in 3 distinct sizes, these applicators are an ideal addition to any Legend Ultrasound Therapy regimen.

Each applicator is also interchangeable between different units, the built-in Electronic Signature technology residing on all transducers allows for easy change out. A head warming function is included on all applicators for added patient comfort.


Intelect Legend Ultrasound Applicator Heads Features:

  • Dual frequency heads deliver therapy more effectively
  • Ergonomically designed heads prevent clinician fatigue
  • Head warming feature built in for added patient comfort
  • Pre-calibrated heads require no maintenance
  • Waterproof, sealed heads allow for underwater treatments
  • All applicators are interchangeable with Electronic Signature Recognition