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Ankle Brace Lace Up - Marathon Figure 8  

Ankle Brace Lace Up - Marathon Figure 8
$29.95 to $29.95

Features lace-up design, nylon figure-8 support straps and removable medial/lateral stays; also available with stabilizing strap for additional support Indicated for chronic ankle instability, sprains or strains and protection against inversion or eversion ankle injuries Constructed from durable black tricot with brushed tricot lining and removable plastic stays. 
Measurements: Measurement is circumference from base of heel around ankle.

Sizing Guide: 2XS(9”- 10”), XS(10”- 11”), SM(11”- 12”), MED(12”- 13”),
LG(13”- 14”), XL(14”- 15”)