Here are the Cervical Traction Units we issue to patients. For more information please call: 801-282-3697

Comfort Trac Home Cervical Neck Traction Device Comfort Trac - Supine Unit - E0849


Saunders Cervical HomeTrac Deluxe Saunders Cervical Traction - Supine Unit - E0849


 DDS MAX - Cervical Traction Collar :: The DDS MAX is a revolutionary approach in treating ne DDS Cervical Traction - Upright Unit - E0856


TracCollar Neck Traction Collar Traccollar - Upright Unit - E0856


Pronex Cervical Traction, Lg 16Pronex - Supine Unit - E0855



Posture Pump Cervical Spine Trainer Model 1000Posture Pump - Supine Unit - E0849