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Semi-Universal Trochanter

Semi-Universal Trochanter
$19.95 to $19.95

Easy universal sizing. Durable, plush, 4″ high 5000 closure hook-and-loop laminate body provides maximum support to the sacrum. Elastic insert adds stretch and compression. Elastic side pulls increase sacroiliac pressure, help relieve muscle strain and supplement abdominal muscles while healing. CorEdge® finish for added comfort.

Measure around Hips for Sizing.

Universal Rib Support Belt, 6

Universal Rib Support Belt, 6" Wide

Used by both men and women. For women, trim the support along marked line and close support in front. One size fits most (24" - 48"). 6" wide. Latex-Free.

SI Maternity Belt

SI Maternity Belt
$69.95 to $69.95

The maternity lumbo/pelvic support is designed to stabilize the postural changes of pregnancy. It is tightened posteriorly, support is fabricated with an elastic front panel which minimizes compressive forces to the abdominal cavity. 

Comes in sizes: 32", 34", 36", 38", 40", 42", and 44" (measure around hips).

Trochanter Belt

Trochanter Belt
$10.95 to $10.95

Elastic-style belt features elastic back and side pulls for additional support. 

Rigid-style belts feature rigid, padded, 2-inch webbing for maximum support. White only.

Sizing: Measure in inches -  hip circumference.

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