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Sticky Reusable Electrodes

Ultrastim Reusable Electrodes

Ultrastim Reusable Electrodes
$5.95 to $6.95

The NEW Ultra Stim Controlled Comfort Electrodes offer the best features in an electrode. The conductive grid pattern evenly disperses the current over the surface of the electrode. 

The patented MultiStick® gel conforms easily to the skin offering excellent contact with the patient. With the best in contact gels and even current distribution, you will find this the best electrode for delivering electrotherapy. Four re-positionable electrodes per package. 

Choose Size. Fabric Backed.

Valutrode Reusable Fabric Electrodes

Valutrode Reusable Fabric Electrodes
$4.45 to $5.95

Spun lace webbing backs a 2 mil carbon film conductive layer for better conformability and conductivity. 

Features Multi-Stick adhesive gel for high quality at a low cost. Four electrodes per package. Pigtail pin (.080″) connectors.

Axelgaard Double-Sided Sticky Electrodes

Axelgaard Double-Sided Sticky Electrodes

Axelgaard Double Sided Sticky Electrodes - Designed for Electrotherapy Back Garments. 2x2"

Bodymed Reusable  Fabric Electrodes

Bodymed Reusable Fabric Electrodes
$3.35 to $5.95

BodyMed Self-Adhering Electrodes with MultiStick Gel from are carbon electrodes that work with most TENS and EMS units. BodyMed Self-Adhering Electrodes with MultiStick Gel Features: Flexible and reusable MultiStick Gel White fabric back Latex-free

Pals Platinum Blue Gel Electrodes 2x2

Pals Platinum Blue Gel Electrodes 2x2

2"x2" Square Blue GEL. PALS® Platinum Blue features a knitted, stainless steel fabric that is highly flexible and maximizes conformity to any body surface. PALS® Platinum are designed to withstand the rigors of lower back TENS usage. Knitted steel helps create a more durable fabric for longer life. PALS® Platinum combine a unique knitted stainless steel fabric and gel construction with PALS® exclusive impedance compensation system. 

This patented technology ensures even distribution of current across the electrode. Best gel choice for extremely sensitive skin Designed for TENS and muscle stimulation applications Ability to reach down to the skin when used over hairy areas Package of 4


$6.95 to $12.95

MultiStick™ adhesive gel greatly extends the life of these electrodes and performs well under adverse treatment conditions. Constructed of knitted stainless steel conductive fabric. Ten sizes available in round, oval, square, and rectangular styles. Conforms to difficult areas such as joints. 

Choose Size.

Dual-Sided, Clear Electrodes  2x2

Dual-Sided, Clear Electrodes 2x2

New Dual-Sided, 2"x2" Clear Electrodes from Hill Threpeutics are a patened breakthough for electric therapy devices. They fit all brands of muscle stimulation machines and sticky on both sides for twice the use of each pad for the same price! Dual-sided electrodes are also transparent for simultaneous use with the Hill Electro-Light Light Therapy Unit (featuring 4 hands-free light applicators) and your muscle stim machine. Dual-Sides, Clear Electrodes feature: Adhesive on both sides for twice the use at 1/2 the cost Clear for dual treatment—light therapy with muscle stimulation Patented

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