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The innovative microFET3™ is the first dual-function medical device on the market that accurately and scientifically measures Manual Muscle Testing (MMT) and Range of Motion (ROM). You can now perform two evaluation functions using a single device. The latest in the field of functional evaluation assessments; microFET3™ provides fast, accurate and reliable objective results for MMT and ROM testing. MicroFET3 features dual evaluation function in one device, eliminating the need for two devices. Single angle inclinometer eliminates the need for a secondary slave unit, allowing the clinician to free up one hand to assist through the range of motion. • Muscle Tester Range - Low threshold 0.8 lbs to 200 lbs in 0.1 lb increments - High threshold 3 lbs to 200 lbs in 0.1 lb increments • Inclinometer Resolution: 0-360° (0.1° increments) • Inclinometer Testing Positions Wall Chart • ROM Testing Positions Wall Chart • Upper/Lower/Inclinometer Body test record tablets. 

Software available - please call.