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$19.95 to $19.95

The revolutionary Lifeline Multi-Use Shoulder Pulley increases range of motion in all planes of shoulder movement. Its innovative design and quality fabrication make the rehabilitation process easier and more efficient. Not to mention the handle can be used with rehaband and bulk tubing when you’re not using the pulley! Limited grip is not a problem anymore! 

As shown below, our patented and doctor recommended assistive grip comfortably holds the hand in place at the knuckles rather than the wrist to promote circulation. 

Multi-Use Shoulder Pulley comes with: One 7 ft. braided nylon cord with smooth action pulley Two soft cushion rotator handles for added comfort Two patented grip-all ball equipped handles for rope length adjustment One door attachment One instructional brochure Deluxe includes: One foam cushion assistive grip One metal door bracket