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$89.49 to $89.49

1.5" wide and 2" wide tape. Johnson and Johnson. High-quality, breathable porous athletic tape protects joints from severe sprains and injuries. Also provides support to speed recovery after injury.

Choose Width.

Coflex Bandages

Coflex Bandages
$36.95 to $62.95

An economical, self-adhering bandage that provides excellent porosity in a lightweight, comfortable bandage. It provides protection and superior adhesion, yet is easy to remove. Sweat and water resistant with non-slip support, CoFlex will not constrict once applied. 

Comes in Tan only or Color Pack: Color pack includes: red, blue, light blue, purple, neon pink, and neon green.

Choose Width and Color.

Cover-Roll Stretch

Cover-Roll Stretch
$14.94 to $22.63

COVER-ROLL STRETCH A soft, stretchable non-woven polyester material that adapts well to body contours. For use in dressing retention or as a layer to protect skin from more aggressive tapes. Latex free.

2"x10 yds or 4"x10 yds. Choose Size


$71.95 to $71.95

Versatile elastic adhesive tape for all-purpose taping and strapping. Lightplast Pro′s unique fabric backing is made of a comfortable cotton / spandex blend which helps it to conform to body movement. A rubber-based adhesive resists moisture and stays in place during physical activity. Consistent unwind assures smoother, faster wrapping.

Cloth Measuring Tape

Cloth Measuring Tape

Push-button retractable cloth tape indicates to 60 inches on one side, 150 centimeters on the other.

Cramer Tape Remover

Cramer Tape Remover

Cramer Tape Remover removes tape residue

  • Fast acting formula
  • Replenishes lost oils and moisturizes skin
  • 16 oz. bottle


$29.95 to $102.00

Provides reliable support for sprains, strains, fracture and muscle injuries • Porous material permits skin to breathe and moisture to pass through • Soft, cotton elastic tape conforms to joint contours.

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Exam Gloves, Latex

Exam Gloves, Latex
$13.95 to $13.95

  • Long lasting protection against biological contaminants
  • Natural rubber construction forms to the hand to provide outstanding comfort and dexterity
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM and FDA examination glove standards

  • Exam Gloves, Nitrile (Latex Free)

    Exam Gloves, Nitrile (Latex Free)
    $10.99 to $10.99

  • Powder-free synthetic polymer alleviates latex allergy concerns
  • More puncture resistant than latex or vinyl gloves
  • Exceeds ASTM & FDA examination glove standards

  • Exam Gloves, Vinyl (Latex Free)

    Exam Gloves, Vinyl (Latex Free)
    $12.11 to $12.11

  • Ideal for providing care or treatment in procedures involving minimal risk of biological contamination
  • Cost-effective solution where frequent glove changes are required
  • Latex-free vinyl eliminates allergy concerns for both caregiver and patient

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