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Hill HA90W Wound Care Medical Chair Deluxe with Hi-Lo Power Elevation, Back, Tilt and Foot

Hill HA90W Wound Care Medical Chair Deluxe with Hi-Lo Power Elevation, Back, Tilt and Foot

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The only medical chair specifically designed for wound care and bariatric professionals! Working closely with wound care and bariatric professionals with Met Laboratories, Inc., Hill Laboratories has designed the ideal medical chair for hospitals and Wound Care Centers and Bariatric care. The Hill Adjustable Model 90W offers comfort, positioning, special features and the ability to lift heavy patients. 

The 90W is the only chair specifically designed for the unique needs of wound care professionals and their patients. Gone are the days of using awkward hospital stretchers and insufficient flat tables when delivering the delicate and nurturing care your patients need. The affordable Hill Wound Care Chair compliments the daily activities of the wound care professional, while maintaining ultimate patient comfort. 

The HA90W Wound Care Chair electrically elevates from 22" to 32" with a lifting capacity of over 600lbs. The bariatric chair is also equipped with 3 other electric motor functions all controlled by the foot pedals. The electric foot section adjusts from horizontal to nearly a full vertical and any angle in between. The electric lift back, effortlessly raises the back section of the chair from a seated to a fully reclined position. Electric powered Trendelenburg is used for for tilting positions. Each of these positioning functions can be used together or separately. Many options available. 

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CaviCide Surface Cleaner

CaviCide Surface Cleaner
$16.95 to $39.95

CAVICIDE - SURFACE DISINFECTANT-DECONTAMINANT CLEANER A convenient, ready-to-use, intermediate-level disinfectant. Effective against TB, HCV and HBV. Disinfectant, cleaner and decontaminant all in one. Compatible with most medical device material. For use on nonporous surfaces, even in neonatal and infant care areas. 

Sold: 1 Gallon or 24oz bottles - Choose Size



A convenient, ready-to-use, intermediate-level disinfecting wipe available in two sizes. Stays fully saturated and will not dry out during use. Effective against both TB and HBV. Towelette and CaviCide in one. For use on nonporous surfaces. Sturdy and durable, nonwoven towelette will not bunch up during use. 160 Wipes.

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